Day 6: Framing requirements

By Rebecca Levitan

Refreshed from a weekend away from our familiar classroom and enriched by visits to various museums and cultural institutions around London, the group returned for our second week of contemplating ancient objects and tracking their provenance, visualization, and spatial relationships.

In our presentations last Friday, we were urged to think about a practical application/product/tool relating to our areas of specialization that could be created by Kings Digital Lab. Each group had proposed something to this end, with some groups providing more abstract suggestions while others outlined a ‘dream’ tool or set of capabilities. These were evaluated by Arianna Ciula, deputy director of the Kings Digital Lab, who visited us today to discuss typical workflows and provide some examples of previous projects and their orchestration at KDL. Arianna further clarified the goals for our Proof of Concept(s) which will emerge from the research institute.

Arianna’s presentation was followed by a presentation on traditional definitions of provenance and the efforts of the Getty (Center) in tracking and publicizing the provenance records for their collection. This led into a group discussion of how these efforts relate to other current provenance projects which focus on the art of the ancient world. In the afternoon, we rejoined our groups to further develop our proof of concepts with the new guidelines of KDL in mind.

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